Film 101

I’m currently blogging my Century+ project and will post links to specific posts in that series when they become available.

So far in 2020:
A New Year and a Century+ of Cinema
A Century+ Silent Film Resources

For specific posts in my Hitchcock series, click below:
Alfred Hitchcock: Cultural Icon
Hitchcock I: Sound and Silence
Hitchcock II: The British Talkies
Hitchcock III: Vintage Hollywood
Hitchcock IV: The Master of Suspense
Hitchcock V: Wrap Party

For the complete Hitchcock filmography, see Hitchcock 101.

For specific posts in my screwball comedy series, click below:
March Madcapness: Introduction to Screwballs
Early Screwballs and The Lubitsch Touch
1930s Screwball Classics and Forgotten Films
1940s Screwballs: Comedies of Remarriage
1940s Screwballs: The Rise of Preston Sturges
Screwball Wrap Party

For the screwball filmography, see Screwball 101.

For specific posts in my Spielberg series, click below:
Steven Spielberg: Introduction
Spielberg I: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Spielberg II: To Boldly Go… Captains, Creatures, and Crusaders
Spielberg III: Father Figures and Freedom Fighters
Spielberg IV: Science Fiction Triple Feature
Spielberg V: Wrap Party

For the complete Spielberg filmography, see Spielberg 101.

For my posts on Pixar Studios, click below:
Inside Out: Killjoy Edition
Pixar’s “Female” Problem
Ranking Pixar, or, Let the Arguments Begin

For specific posts in my classic horror series, click below:
The Horror! The Horror!
Horror I: The Silent Scream
Horror II: A Dark and Stormy Night
Horror III: Monster Mash
Horror IV: Creature Features
Horror V-VI Coming Soon! (Whereby “soon” means “eventually”…)

For the classic horror filmography, see Horror 101.

For my posts on The Great Unseen, click below:
The Great Unseen
The Great Unseen 1: Matinée Idle
The Great Unseen 2: Dinner and a Movie
The Great Unseen 3: Midnight Movies
The Great Unseen: Wrap Party

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