Yesterday, a friend on Facebook posted a link to this list made in honor of Duran Duran Appreciation Day. [Side note: How is this a thing? As a teenager of the 80s, I appreciate Duran Duran like nobody’s business, but I highly suspect this may be a marketing ploy by my favorite headband manufacturer to increase sales.] In any case, while most agreed that the order of the list was wrong like a wrong thing, we all seemed to have very different ideas about what should be on top. Because I can’t resist a list, I present my very own Top 10 Duran Duran Top 20 Hits:

1. “Hungry Like a Wolf”

This was a no brainer. This video showed us all the potential of MTV, which, for the kids out there, used to play videos all day, every day.

2. “Girls on Film”

Yeah, I can’t imagine high school without this song and its “scandalous” video. For when you wanted to strut.

3. “Come Undone”

This came out soon after I moved to Brooklyn. I listened to it constantly when I wasn’t listening to Peter Gabriel’s Us. Which was still quite a lot.

4. “Save a Prayer”

When I saw this at #2 on the aforementioned list, my first thought (after “How the f*ck do you put ‘Ordinary World’ at number #1?”) was “How the f*ck do you put ‘Save a Prayer’ at number #2?” But then I re-listened to the song and was, like, “Preach, Simon!” Musically, this may be the best of the bunch.

5. “A View to a Kill”

Like most Duran Duran songs, the lyrics don’t make a lick of sense, but this Bond fangirl couldn’t care less.

6. “All She Wants Is”

I know this has absolutely no business being in the top ten, but I don’t intend to apologize for this placement.

7. “New Moon on Monday”

The hook is irresistible, but I so hate most of the rest. This is where ranking got very difficult for me.

8. “Planet Earth”

I love this song, but, really, it’s too much like “Girls on Film” to be any higher than this.

9. “Rio”

I know this is a favorite, but I just can’t with the ridiculousness of these lyrics and the video. Which is really saying something when you consider most Duran Duran songs.

10. “Notorious”

There were a few I considered for the final spot, but I decided that that gasp elevates this song above the also-rans.

For the haters out there: No, not once did I consider putting “Union of the Snake” or “Wild Boys” on this list.

What would you put at #1?