After posts about the year in opera, podcasts, music, film, and, at long last, books, here is a round-up of other favorite (and not so favorite) experiences, items, and places from 2014.

Favorite Travel Experience: spending the night on the RMS Queen Mary

Favorite Travel Experience (runner-up): New Year’s Eve in Big Sur

Favorite National Park: Olympic National Park, Washington

Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

Favorite Museum Experience: Hollywood Costume (AMPAS, Los Angeles)
Favorite items include Morticia Addams’s dress from Addams Family Values, an indigo dress from Funny Girl, and Katniss’s boots from The Hunger Games.

Favorite Local Store: The Spice & Tea Exchange at Pier 39

Favorite Online Store: Bounce (Title Nine)

Favorite Farmers Market Vendor: Hornbrook Heritage Hogs

Favorite Restaurant (Splurge): State Bird Provisions

Favorite Restaurant (Neighborhood): Saha, especially the fouel, kofta, and lahem sougar

Most Adventurous Food Experience: Baja, Mexico, where I ate tripa, cabeza, pulpo, and erizo all within twenty-four hours

Una tostada de pulpo (octopus) and una tostada de erizo (sea urchin) from Mariscos La Guerrerense in Ensenada

Una tostada de pulpo (octopus) and una tostada de erizo (sea urchin) from Mariscos La Guerrerense in Ensenada

Favorite Takeout: Piccadilly Fish & Chips

Favorite Delivery: Lers Ros Thai

Favorite Wine: Lichen Estate, Pinot Noir, Solera Volume 2, Anderson Valley

Favorite Coffee Bean: Philtered Soul (Philz)

Favorite Bread: Pain Pauline (Trader Joe’s)

Favorite Surprise Delivery (v.f.): my cousin bringing the entire set of books I inherited from my late aunt in her suitcase

Favorite Surprise Delivery (v.o.): the gift of my favorite movies from the Criterion sale

Most Frightening Realization: I’d probably be sorted into Hufflepuff.

Most Coveted Fashion Item: Kate’s coats


Favorite Sports Moment: the elimination of Spain in the World Cup

Least Favorite Sports Experience: NBC’s tape-delay Olympics coverage

Favorite New TV Show: Black-ish

Favorite Returning TV Show: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Favorite Reality TV Show: MasterChef Junior

Favorite Basic Cable Show: Drunk History

Favorite Series (Commonwealth Edition): Sherlock, Top of the Lake

Favorite Delayed Discovery: Justified

Favorite Hulu Discovery (French Edition): Engrenages (Spiral)

Favorite Hulu Discovery (Commonwealth Edition): The Booth at the End

Best TV News: “That gum you like is going to come back in style!”

Worst TV News: ITV cancels The Bletchley Circle

Favorite Piece of Technology: my new Lenovo laptop

Least Favorite Technology Experience: each successive release of iTunes

Favorite Editorial Task: a California History article on sea turtles in San Francisco during the Gold Rush years

Proudest Editorial Moment: getting this fierce picture of Bessie Coleman in a U.S. History textbook


What were some of your favorites of the year? Let me know in the comment box below what gave you the most joy in 2014.