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On the heels of a couple rough deadlines, I’m popping in briefly to deliver the grim news that the TBR Triple Dog Dare was a complete bust for me this year. Not only did I not finish the multitude of books in my TBR pile, but I’ve only finished four books so far in 2014! Bad reader no biscuit.


Of course, I saw far more movies than I usually do in March, but still, I am way behind on my New Year’s resolutions, which mostly had to do with reading. I think I’ve turned the corner in terms of my schedule, but one never knows. However, I am on the verge of finishing a bunch of titles and am bound and determined to complete my Goodreads reading challenge (66 books) this year. And, of course, there is War and Peace looming in the distance as well.

Here’s hoping that by the time “The (Half) Year in Books” rolls around, I’ll actually have something to say!