Between the elections and my first Wagner opera, I really just have time for a quick word on the results of the playoffs.

I may have said something similar last season, but I do like the format of this stage of the competition, with the audience saving two members of each team and the coach saving one.

While the talent level is high, it was pretty clear to me who should advance and, for the most part, the teams ended up exactly how I would have picked them.

Here’s where the teams stand:

Team Adam
Amanda Brown
Bryan Keith
Melanie Martinez (coach save)

I probably would have been happy with either Melanie or Loren as the save, although I prefer Melanie’s quirky style so I’m glad she made it through.

Team Blake
Cassadee Pope
Michaela Paige (coach save)
Terry McDermott

My save might have gone to Julio, but Michaela is a reasonable choice. I still don’t like Cassadee.

Team Cee Lo
Cody Belew (coach save)
Nicholas David
Trevin Hunte

I was glad Cee Lo used his save on Cody. Mackenzie was too one-note and Diego wasn’t really in the same league as the others (although I liked him).

Team Christina
Adriana Louise (coach save)
Dez Duron
Sylvia Yacoub

I do not get picking Adriana over De’Borah, but I’ve never understood how Christina makes her choices.

I’m not sure how they are running future rounds, but if it’s left up to the audience, I think Adam and Cee Lo have the stronger teams. I would love to see all of their contestants advance further than any of Blake’s or Christina’s team members except for Terry.

Current Favorites: Amanda Brown, Melanie Martinez, Terry McDermott, Cody Belew

On a separate but related note, I have also been watching The X Factor, but I must say that between the over-production, the lackluster contestants, and the presence of Mario Lopez and one of the Kardashians (don’t ask me which), I don’t think I can stick with it.