Wait, what? The Voice is back? Didn’t it just end?

As I’ve explained before, I love this concept and these judges, but this may be too soon.

Below are my favorites to come out of the blind auditions. These ten aren’t necessarily the best singers that were chosen, but they stood out to me, either with their personality, or through their unique singing style, or both.

Team Adam

Nicole Nelson: She had me at Vermont. She almost lost me with her song choice of “Hallelujah,” but I just loved the tone of her voice and her hippie-dippy ways.

Melanie Martinez: This season’s Dia Frampton. Adorable, quirky voice. And she played the tambourine with her feet!

Melanie Martinez

Brandon Mahone: A smooth Motown sound. He made me want to get out my Sam Cooke albums again.

Team Blake

Terry McDermott: I always like a good rocker, and the Scottish accent doesn’t hurt. He definitely needs a haircut though.

Suzanna Choffel: A great song choice (“Landslide”) and voice. It remains to be seen what she can do outside her Fleetwood Mac comfort zone, but I really responded to her.

Suzanna Choffel

Rudy Parris: The Police (“Every Breath you Take”) with a country twang and a rocker vibe? Oh yeah.

Team Cee Lo

Trevin Hunte: While the backstories rarely get to me, his did. My first teaching job was in a New York high school, teaching French to immigrants and first-generation Americans who had little idea of the possibilities open to them. The thought that any teacher would tell a student that they are not going to become anything is absolutely abhorrent to me.

Diego Val: Loved his singer-songwriter style (and his Peruvian charm, natch). I can’t believe no one but Cee Lo turned around for him. He may be this season’s stealth contestant.

Diego Val

Cody Belew: A little bit country, a little bit of soul, a lot of flair, and a potty mouth—what’s not to love?

Team Christina

Nelly’s Echo: Love the story. Love the attitude. Love the song choice (“Ain’t No Sunshine”). Love the voice. Probably my favorite contestant at this point.

Nelly’s Echo

A Baker’s Dozen to Watch
De’Borah (Team Christina)
Gracia Harrison (Team Blake)
Bryan Keith (Team Adam)
Aquile (Team Christina)
Julio Cesar Castillo (Team Blake)
Samuel Mouton (Team Adam)
Brian Scartocci (Team Adam)
JR Aquino (Team Cee Lo)
Avery Wilson (Team Cee Lo)
Mycle Wastman (Team Cee Lo)
Terisa Griffin (Team Blake)
Charlie Rey (Team Blake)
Cassadee Pope (Team Blake)

No one’s team really stands out to me. And, as we’ve learned, the teams don’t seem to matter when it comes to the later rounds: Each coach just needs a few good ones, and they all have that. I was intrigued by the hint that they may be able to pick up people from other teams at a later point, something I have suggested before. How that will work (when they are already starting with a whopping sixteen singers per team) remains to be seen.

Finally, it looks like Cee Lo no longer aspires to be Blofeld. He has apparently traded in Purrfect for Miss Ladybird. Oh, Cee Lo, never change.

Photo source: TV Guide