The Top 6 in “Scream” by Sonya Tayeh

While it has been hard to get over the depression triggered by this week’s voting results and write up this episode, I’m determined to soldier on. I can only hope that America is getting its “crazy” voting out of the way now, in order to get down to business in November and do what’s right when it really counts. In short, Cyrus is through to the finals (along with, predictably, Tiffany and Eliana). I had hoped that Cole would make it through, but no.

Tiffany & Benji in “What I Like About You” by Jean-Marc Genereux

Tiffany & Benji in “What I Like About You” (Jive, Jean-Marc Genereux): This was a fun number and very typical Benji in so many ways. Yet, Tiffany held her own here—her footwork looked really sharp.

Melanie & Cole in “Too Close” by Sonya Tayeh

Melanie & Cole in “Too Close” (Jazz, Sonya Tayeh): I liked this, but it felt labored somehow. Some of the moves seemed awkward, but I couldn’t tell if that was the dancers, or intentional choreography. I like to pretend that the music was a nod to my visit to the land of Microsoft this past weekend.

Eliana & Twitch in “Please Mr. Postman” (Hip Hop, Christopher Scott): Chris Scott must be in some kind of Motown phase. It didn’t really work with “My Girl” back in episode 2 and it doesn’t work here. Both Eliana and Twitch are better than this.

Kathryn & Chehon in “Eli, Eli” by Tyce Diorio

Kathryn & Chehon in “Eli, Eli” (Contemporary, Tyce Diorio): Oh, Tyce, you are always trying just a little bit too hard. That said, I actually liked this piece. Tyce really made use of Chehon’s ballet training—that flying leap was gorgeous.

Witney & Marko in “No Nothing” (Lyrical Jazz, Ray Leeper): Somehow this didn’t do very much for me. I think it’s because the story the choreographer told didn’t seem to really match the dance. Guest judge Christina Applegate had a great point about Witney’s hairography (although she seemed to be under the misguided impression that she made up that word).

Comfort & Cyrus in “Cinema” by Christopher Scott

Comfort & Cyrus in “Cinema” (Hip Hop/Dubstep, Christopher Scott): Seriously? Cyrus is already in the finals, producers, you didn’t need to hand him this one. Did you just want to make sure he didn’t embarrass himself? This was a really cool number, but seeing him dance in his own style with someone like Comfort really emphasized for me why I’ve never liked him: Next to her, he looked stiff, and projected zero chemistry.

Witney & Chehon in “Where Have You Been” (Cha-Cha, Jean-Marc Genereux): Much as I suspect the producers purposely gave Cyrus dubstep, I also suspect they purposely gave Chehon cha-cha. For one, this is the third cha-cha in a season that saw no rumba, no standard tango, and only one type of waltz.

Eliana & Cole in “Adagio for Strings” by Mia Michaels

Eliana & Cole in “Adagio for Strings” (Contemporary, Mia Michaels): Barber’s “Adagio for Strings” is one of those overused pieces that I still can’t get enough of (see also “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana). The rams were too literal in the beginning, as was the anger in the end, but everything in between was the best of Mia Michaels. Gorgeous.

Tiffany & Cyrus in “Treat Me Rough” (Broadway, Spencer Liff): I’m not sure why this dance got the pimp slot unless it was one more attempt to ensure a Cyrus victory. And, yet again, Cyrus gets the Twitch prop treatment.

And this is where I call shenanigans. I would have no problem with people voting through Cyrus because he was just so gosh-darn appealing, but the producers, judges, and choreographers have been aiding and abetting this farce since the auditions. I’d love to know when then gave up their “system” for choosing dances because they haven’t mentioned it since the first couple of episodes.

Let’s take a gander at what everyone has danced to date, shall we?

Cyrus (Popping): Hip Hop (2), Contemporary (2), Broadway (2), Jive, Jazz. Oh god, it’s even worse when I write it out like that. And let’s not forget that the jive only came when they were choosing based on draws from a hat.

Cole (Martial Arts Fusion): Contemporary (4), Jazz, Hip Hop, Paso Doble, Cha-Cha. That is a ridiculous amount of contemporary, but at least he had hip hop and two latin dances. And I’m pretty sure his paso will be my pick for ballroom of the season.

Chehon (Ballet): Contemporary (3), Hip Hop, Bollywood, Samba, Tango, Cha-Cha. Again, a decent amount of contemporary, but next to the others, damn. He has earned his place in the final.

Witney (Latin Ballroom): Contemporary (2), Jazz (2), Hip Hop, Bollywood, Samba, Cha-Cha. Arguably, the woman the judges have most pushed. I’m shocked she didn’t get more latin, but she proved her metal in hip hop as far as I’m concerned.

Eliana (Ballet): Contemporary (3), Hip Hop (2), Broadway, Jive, Quickstep. Yeah, whatever, the girl can obviously dance anything. And she had to put up with Cyrus for all those weeks.

Tiffany (Jazz): Contemporary (3), Hip Hop, Broadway, Disco, Jive, Foxtrot. Along with Eliana, the only one of the Top Six to have both latin and standard ballroom. And, while the line between contemporary and jazz on this show is often microscopic, she never “drew” jazz. She may be generic, but she has shown she can handle a great variety of styles.

All I can say is Chehon and Eliana better damn well have a ballet in the finale.

Probable DVD Candidates:
Tiffany & Benji in “What I Like About You”
Melanie & Cole in “Too Close”
Kathryn & Chehon in “Eli, Eli”
Comfort & Cyrus in “Cinema”
Eliana & Cole in “Adagio for Strings”