Eliana and Ryan about to take on the dreaded quickstep. Note Ryan trying to imitate my gravatar. So cute!

An improvement over last week, but I still think this show is testing me. Especially with their eliminations.

Witney & Twitch in “My Homies Still” (Hip Hop, Luther Brown): Old school hip hop. Nice. I didn’t love it, but I’m happy to see a new choreographer added to the mix. And it allowed guest judge Jesse Tyler Ferguson to get in his first zinger of the night with “How you did what you did in those diaper pants, I will never know.”

Allison & Cole in “Possibly Maybe” by Sonya Tayeh

Allison & Cole in “Possibly Maybe” (Contemporary, Sonya Tayeh): The dance of the night. Sonya has done great work this season and Allison’s technical skill continues to amaze me. However, it did seem a little close for comfort to Tyce Diorio’s “nightmare” dance that Allison danced with Ricky last season. JTF bon mot: “I’m shaking and I need a cocktail.”

Eliana & Ryan in “That Man” (Quickstep, Jonathan Roberts): Finally, the dreaded quickstep! Eliana rocked it, naturally. Ryan is the perfect All-Star since his ballroom training means that he is all about showcasing his partner. This was a joy to watch. I’d give it dance of the night but, much like the Oscars, comedy rarely takes home the gold.

Lindsay & Alex in “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Sonya Tayeh

Lindsay & Alex in “Somebody That I Used to Know” (Jazz, Sonya Tayeh): I liked this more than the judges seemed to. Of course, Lindsay has been an irrational pet favorite for me since her paso doble so I’m not sure I’m being objective. However, I’m not surprised the judges ended up getting rid of her based on their comments here.

Lauren & Will in “Dance My Pain Away” (Hip Hop, Christopher Scott): This concept seemed extremely odd, especially on the heels of the shadow dance last week. Will did a better job than I thought he would, but I’m sad that his last dance on this show had to be hip hop with Lauren. JTF bon mot: “You’re like an adorable puppy, covered in puppies.”

Melanie & Cyrus in “Badder Badder Schwing” by Mandy Moore

Melanie & Cyrus in “Badder Badder Schwing” (Jazz, Mandy Moore): Honestly, I can’t even begin to judge this fairly since I am so over Cyrus being on my screen every week. But it’s clear that they are still choreographing around him—this dance was all Melanie.

Anya & Chehon in “Breathing Below Surface” (Argentine Tango, Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo): The fact that I wasn’t sure if this was standard ballroom tango or Argentine tango really tells you all you need to know. It was lovely, but it was more of a generic Latin ballroom number than anything. Anya looked gorgeous though.

For a demonstration of some of the trickier legwork that should be in Argentine tango, check out Allison and Ivan from Season 2.

Tiffany & Ade in “The Power of Love” by Mandy Moore

Tiffany & Ade in “The Power of Love” (Contemporary, Mandy Moore): Mandy once again embraces her love of the 80s power ballad and turns a beautiful dance into a cheesy nightmare. Although she can read as fairly generic, Tiffany really is a beautiful dancer. I’d love to see her partnered with someone like Alex Wong.

Given how strong this season started, I’m a bit sad about the Top Six. I wasn’t shocked that Witney and Lindsay ended up in the bottom two girls, and I can’t fault the judges for keeping Witney, but I was appalled to see Chehon and Cyrus as the top two boys. How to decide between Will and Cole? I understand the judges’ decision, but I miss Will already. Of course, I also miss George and Matthew. Heck, I’d take Brandon over Cyrus. Le sigh.

Probable DVD Candidates:
Allison & Cole in “Possibly Maybe”
Eliana & Ryan in “That Man”