After time off for the Olympics, SYTYCD is back. This Saturday rewind is truly a rewind, as this week’s episode consisted entirely of Mia Michaels’ choreography from previous seasons. When I realized this, I had my doubts about the concept. These doubts were only confirmed upon watching. Some of these dances should never have been repeated and none came close to the power of the originals.

To judge for yourself, split-screen versions of each dance can be found here.

Eliana & Cyrus in “Mercy” (Season 4): How appropriate that the couple with the limited male dancer gets the dance designed for another limited dancer; however, Cyrus is no Twitch. What made this dance work was Twitch’s raw sexual energy and this version absolutely paled in comparison.

Tiffany & George in the assisted run from “Hometown Glory”

Tiffany & George in “Hometown Glory” (Season 4): Joshua and Katee were one of my favorite couples ever, but I think they were outperformed technically by Tiffany & George. I was disappointed about the camera angle for the assisted run—the one thing that everybody remembers about the original piece—you couldn’t really see it on television.

Amelia & Will in “Koop Island Blues”

Amelia & Will in “Koop Island Blues” (Season 5): Nothing will replace the original, which featured two dancers I didn’t particularly like but with choreography that fit them like a glove. At the same time, this may mark the moment I fell in love with Will. Man can move. Damn.

Audrey & Matthew in “Time”

Audrey & Matthew in “Time” (Season 3): Hey girl, it is not cool that my last dance on this show turned out to be the “Dead Daddy” dance. Truer words were never spoken, Ryan 2.0. This is perhaps my least favorite dance in the history of the show and I did not need to see it twice.

Witney & Chehon in “Calling You” aka “The Bench”

Witney & Chehon in “Calling You” (Season 2): Probably one of the most iconic dances of the show and one of my favorites at the time. I don’t think it ages well though. And I fear its success may be one of the reasons for Mia’s over-reliance on props.

Janelle & Dareian in “Dreaming with a Broken Heart”

Janelle & Dareian in “Dreaming with a Broken Heart” (Season 4): Yet another “let’s use a prop to hide Twitch’s limitations” dance. Along with the Dead Daddy dance, one of my least favorite dances ever. Also, what’s with the flowers? That’s three in a row.

Lindsay & Cole in “Gravity” aka “Addiction”

Lindsay & Cole in “Gravity” (Season 5): It would be hard to equal the original, although these two did a good job. But I really missed the menace that Kūpono brought to the role.

Missing in Action: Allison & Ryan in “Ethna” from Season 2 and Lacey & Kameron in “Dancing” from Season 3. I would have loved to see either of those before almost any of the prop dances.

Two or Three Things I Know About Mia Michaels: She loves props, flowers, and she really tailors dances specifically for the performers. Ultimately, that last fact is why this night didn’t work for me. Most of these dances worked because of who danced them originally, not because of something inherent to the piece.

Probable DVD Candidates:
Since I have all the originals I liked on DVD, I’m not sure any of these will make the cut, but if they do it will be Amelia & Will and Tiffany & George.

The saddest thing about the night was losing two dancers who didn’t deserve to go just yet. America, for the love of god, stop voting for Cyrus!

This solo should have kept you.

We’ll miss you Ryan 2.0!