Absolutely nothing.

Well, not exactly nothing. There were inspections and accusations, Russians and Austrians, courage and chaos. All with a little bit of German thrown in. You know, in case the French wasn’t maddening enough.

I know I’ve been extremely distracted of late but, really, it all should have been more exciting than it was. As much as I loved Part 1, Part 2 was a bit of a slog. I think the problem was that both Dolokhov and Nikolai Rostov were such minor characters in the first part that I didn’t really feel connected to them here. On the other hand, I’m starting to warm to Prince Andrei, who wasn’t particularly compelling in Part 1.

—Do you know what this means, it’s like working with Tolstoy!
  —Hey, ya know, I read an unbelievable thing about Tolstoy the other day. Did you know that the original title for War and Peace was War, What Is It Good For?
  —Ha ha.
  —No, I’m not kidding Elaine, it’s true. His mistress didn’t like the title and insisted that he change it to War and Peace!
  —But it’s a line from that song!
  —That’s were they got it from!
  —I’m not joking!

Seinfeld, “The Marine Biologist”

One of the best Seinfelds ever.