As the battle rounds conclude, let’s take a look at where we are.

First off, we still have 24 singers, which is a little ridiculous. With such a good crop of contestants, I would have preferred they stick with the original eight per team and have some sort of wild card (see below) to add a fifth person from those booted this round. I wonder, if the coaches knew that a reject might be picked up by another coach, would they choose different battles?

I think that for the most part the correct decisions were made, but there were a lot of battles that could have gone either way, which was mostly a testament to the quality of the contestants this year.

I felt the song choices on the part of the judges were much improved over last year, if a bit boring.

Finally, I liked the coaches. They seemed really helpful and I’m glad they didn’t bring them to the battles like last year.

Some other opinions…

Favorite battle (tie): Anthony Evans & Jesse Campbell on “If I Ain’t Got You” (Team Christina); Pip & Nathan Parrett on “You Know I’m No Good” (Team Adam)

Best performance on a lame song: ALyX & Jermaine Paul on “Get Outta My Dreams” (Team Blake)

Craziest performance: Erin Martin & The Shields Brothers on “What’s Love Got to Do with It” (Team Cee Lo)

Most emotional battle: Jamar Rogers & Jamie Lono on “I Wanna Know What Love Is” (Team Cee Lo)

Least interesting battle: Angie Johnson & Cheesa on “Total Eclipse of the Heart” (Team Cee Lo)

Worst butchery of a song: RaeLynn & Adley Stump on “Free Fallin” (Team Blake)

Toughest battle to call: Lindsey Pavao & Lee Koch on “Heart-Shaped Box.” I think Lee outsang Lindsey, but I’m more eager to see what Lindsey can do so I think I would have made the same choice as Christina.

Favorite song choice: “Heart-Shaped Box” (Christina). It didn’t quite match the greatness of last year’s “Creep” from Team Adam, but I loved the choice.

Worst song choice: “Ironic” (Blake). Beyond the fact that this song needs to go away, it is an especially poor choice for this type of competition.

Oddest song choice that actually worked: “Get Outta My Dreams” (Blake)

Most egregious elimination, Part I (because her coach screwed her with song choice): Sarah Golden (Cee Lo)

Most egregious elimination, Part II (because she clearly outsang her competition): Adley Stump (Blake)

Most egregious elimination, Part III (because they were both great): Anthony Evans (Christina)

Most surprising team pick: Erin Willett (Team Blake). Not that she didn’t do well, but I was shocked Blake didn’t default to Gwen’s country style.

Top five I’m rooting for: Pip (Team Adam), Charlotte Sometimes (Team Blake) Chris Mann and Lindsey Pavao (Team Christina), and Jamar Rogers (Team Cee Lo)

Person I’m most rooting against: Erin Martin (Team Cee Lo)

Most adorable: James Massone (Team Cee Lo)

Most overrated: Mathai (Team Adam). If she could enunciate, maybe I wouldn’t feel this way.

Most surprising performance: Karla Davis (Team Adam). Did we see her in the audition round?

If each team could pick an additional wild card: Orlando Napier (Team Adam), Anthony Evans (Team Christina), Gwen Sebastian (Team Blake), Jamie Lono or Sarah Golden (Team Cee Lo). I’d love to see any of these singers again.

Strongest team: Team Christina (Chris Mann, Jesse Campbell, Sera Hill, Lindsey Pavao, Ashley De La Rosa, Moses Stone)

Weakest team: Team Cee Lo (Cheesa, Juliet Simms, Jamar Rogers, Erin Martin, James Massone, Tony Vincent)

Of course, if they keep the same format as last year, it will only matter who the best one or two people are on each team, in which case, it’s almost any coach’s game.

Assuming the final four contains one singer from each team, I think it will be Pip, Naia Kete, Jamar Rogers, and Jesse Campbell. But I could also see Kim Yarbrough, Charlotte Sometimes, or almost anyone from Christina’s team getting through.

Which battles stood out for you? Who are you rooting for? Make your voice heard below!