Finally, the last question of My Life in Books. Although it’s not really in the form of a question now, is it?

Question #5:
Finally, a guilty pleasure, or a favorite that might surprise people!

This is another easy one. Which, thank goodness, because blogging every day during a workweek (like breaking up) is hard to do!

My guilty pleasure is cheap Regency romances. And I mean the traditional ones that are specifically Regency romances, like those from Signet or Zebra. Even though they take place in a specific time period, Regency England (i.e., the early nineteenth century), they are not historical romances, but rather more like a comedy of manners set in a historical period. They usually focus on the activities of the ton in London during the social season, often involve some sort of mystery (there’s that word again) or mistaken identity, and have no sex. These are mindless genre fiction at its best, down to the fact that every one I’ve read seemed to be exactly 220 pages.

These were my fluff reading of choice during graduate school. I could always count on one from my sister in my Christmas stocking and there were tons at the library. Like my father with his westerns, I eventually had to start keeping track because I would totally forget what I had and hadn’t read. I don’t know if it was just a phase, or that I needed that extreme in grad school, but I haven’t read one in awhile.

In recent years, I’ve read a few Georgette Heyer books (Heyer also focuses on the Regency but is a bit more literary); however, she doesn’t seem to fill the same need of a cheap thrill and easy read. And, she doesn’t seem to have the same tendency to favor “bluestocking” (i.e., book-smart) heroines, which was one of my favorite things about the Regencies. But I will try a few more of Heyer’s books because I do think they are well written.

How about you? Will you confess your guilty pleasure in the comments?!?