Well, it’s the moment of truth. Did you read your January selection? That book that’s been languishing on the shelf, or in your TBR pile? I finished mine, The Name of the Rose, on Sunday night, just in the nick of time.

I’ve decided that it’s not a keeper. I loved the essential storyline, but it is very much the first novel of an esoteric academic and Eco gets way too bogged down in historical and linguistic details. Even though I liked it well enough, I can’t imagine myself picking it up again.

In a way I’m happy, because my edition, besides being a paperback, doesn’t really fit on the shelf aesthetically. (In a perfect world, the only yellow or gold on my bookshelf would be in my special boxed editions of Tolkien, but that’s a story for another day.)

At least now I get to contribute something interesting to our work bookshelf.

How about you? Are you happy or disappointed that you finally took that book down to read?